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Poll Finds Little Support for Cuomo’s Policy on Purging State Emails

March 24, 2015 9:17 AM
New York State voters overwhelmingly disagree with the Cuomo administration’s policy of automatically deleting state workers’ emails after 90 days, according to a poll released Monday.
Eighty percent of voters said emails should be saved for a significantly longer period of time, according to the poll, which was conducted by Siena College. Only 16 percent supported the speedy email purges.

Attorneys say ND, MN transparency laws need digital revamp

March 24, 2015 9:16 AM
Freedom-of-information advocates say the open records laws in Minnesota and North Dakota are strong but need updating to address ambiguities concerning digital records, such as audio, video, emails and texts, which government officials are using more and more.

Commentary: Transaprency News during Sunshine Week in Ohio

March 24, 2015 9:14 AM
The Ohio Senate made the right decision last week when it announced plans to broadcast coming budget deliberations. It balked at the move last session, when the Ohio House opted to stream its Finance Committee hearings over the Ohio Channel (online at

Newsmakers video: The Best & Worst of WNC Open Government

March 24, 2015 9:13 AM
At its Newsmakers forum held on March 17, Carolina Public Press hosted some of the state’s top open government advocates and reporters for a live interview and public question and answer forum about challenges to open government in North Carolina. Two dozen people attended the free and public forum, which was held at the Jackson County Public Library in Sylva.
The event also helped mark Sunshine Week, the annual nationwide celebration of access to public information and what it means for you and your community.

Opinion: Ain't no Sunshine (in Michigan)

March 24, 2015 9:12 AM
What a terrible Sunshine Week.
Founded in 2002, Sunshine Week is celebrated each year in the interest of a simple philosophy: “Open government is good government.” Journalists, activists and supporters of government transparency use this week to commend the strides made for open government, criticize the backslides and lobby for more change.

With Illinois FOIA and Open Meetings Act, it's McHenry County residents' right to know

March 24, 2015 9:10 AM
Five years ago, the Northwest Herald began an ongoing series called “No More Excuses” to badger and shame local governments into compliance with new and much stronger open-government laws.

Opinion: Federal agencies stiff-arm FOIA requests

March 23, 2015 12:04 PM

On his first day in office in 2009, President Obama promised that transparency would be one of the "touchstones of this presidency."

Advocates for open government were ecstatic at the promise of less secrecy and the president's directive to all government agencies that "in the face of doubt, openness prevails." Read more »

Empowering Public Agencies to Stop Citizen FOIA Requests – Another S.C. First?

March 23, 2015 12:01 PM

A House-passed bill allowing South Carolina public agencies to take legal action against citizens who file “unduly burdensome” or “overly broad” open-records requests could be the first law of its kind in the country if enacted, several legal observers say. Read more »

Illinois FOIA appeal process plagued by years-long backlog

March 23, 2015 11:47 AM

After the scandal that sent former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to prison, lawmakers adopted a raft of reforms that included creating a referee to intervene when bureaucrats reject citizens’ requests for government records.

Five years later, the “public access counselor” in the attorney general’s office has yet to respond to more than 2,800 appeals of Freedom of Information Act requests for information that a government agency deemed secret, according to an analysis of records obtained by The Associated Press. Read more »

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