Alaska FOI Resources

Alaska state seal
Open records law
Open meetings law
FOIA request form
State Attorney General
1031 West 4th Avenue, Suite 200
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 269-5100

Additional resources

Alaska Legal Resource Center

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Know Your Rights: Alaska Public Records and Information Primer

Here’s how to be a citizen sleuth. Alaska favors citizen involvement in — and oversight of — its government. State laws give citizens rights to a lot of information. But to get it, you need to know where to find it, and who to talk to. As lawyer John McKay points out, “The legislature has…

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Municipality launches new data website for Anchorage

The city of Anchorage on Wednesday launched a new website aimed at making important data more accessible to residents, businesses and public officials.

So far the site includes data on crime, homelessness and property appraisal as well as inspection results for restaurants and childcare facilities. Brendan Babb, the city’s Chief Innovation Officer, says the project is…

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