Texas police withheld records of their son’s death. Now they know why

Even in the dark days following their son’s death, the Dyers tended to believe the police. Why wouldn’t they? Kathy, a civil engineer, and Robert, a teacher, were solid citizens.

And yet, they wondered: What were those marks on his arms — “chicken feet” scratches, Robert called them. Or what to make of the emergency room doctor’s notes saying it appeared Graham had been the victim of an assault? Seeking answers, the couple asked the Mesquite Police Department for their records of what happened that night.


Gubernatorial candidate Abbott calls for greater privacy protections, legalizing open carry

From The Republic: AUSTIN, Texas — Republican candidate for governor Greg Abbott said Tuesday he supports making it legal to openly carry handguns in public and wants to place stricter limits on state agencies selling personal information from public records.



Texas AG says some redacted info can be released

From Temple Daily Telegram: Following an early July visit to the Bell County Sheriff’s Department to get copies of new jail administrator Nancy Botkin’s personnel file as part of a Public Information Act request, in September I received a mailed letter from the Texas Attorney General’s office regarding certain information that the sheriff’s office had redacted.

The information that was requested, with certain redactions, was mailed on July 9, within 10 days of the information request.


Texas open records law updates urged

From MySanAntonio.com:

AUSTIN (Nov 26, 2012) — The state's 40-year-old law designed to keep government in the open needs a few tweaks to catch up with modern technology, open government advocates told a Texas Senate committee Monday.

The law should clarify, for example, that emails and text messages that public officials send from private accounts must be open for public review if the content is in any way related to public business.