Seattle Journalist: Subpoena Endangers Press

A pair of recent events have put journalists covering protests at the center of investigations by law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security. First, in Seattle, journalists from The Seattle Times and four local TV stations went to court to prevent the city’s police department from viewing their unpublished photos and videos. Police say…


Editorial: Washington Judge’s order imperils journalistic independence

A King County judge’s order that The Seattle Times and other media must turn over unpublished content to the police is a blow to independent journalism. The order imperils journalists documenting this summer’s historic protests and sends the wrong message about the media as a check on government power. Journalists’ unique role and responsibility is…


Seattle Times report wins public-records award

From The Seattle Times:  Seattle Times criminal-justice reporter Mike Carter has received a Key Award from the Washington Coalition for Open Government for his perseverance in pursuing the public release of a May Day 2012 memo that the Seattle Police Department (SPD) initially claimed did not exist.

Carter, 58, said the award, presented Friday, came “right out of the blue.”