NJ: Justices weigh public’s right to know in fatal cop encounters

In one of the biggest legal battles over government transparency in New Jersey, the state Supreme Court is poised to determine how much information the public receives in the hours and days after police officers use fatal force.

A key question in the case is whether law enforcement agencies must release records that name police officers who use fatal force in the line of duty. Another is whether dashboard-camera videos of such incidents are public or confidential.


NC: Judge Denies WFAE Journalist’s Petition for Police Shooting Video

This week, WFAE’s Lisa Worf has taken listeners through the process of seeking a court order to compel Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department to release video of a police shooting.

On Thursday, Superior Court Judge Eric Levinson denied the request. WFAE's petition was the first in Mecklenburg County under a new law known as House Bill 972.

As of Oct. 1, it’s no longer up to police departments to release video. Instead, anyone who wants body and dash cam video released must go through the court system.


State police loses appeal over postmark in case involving release of patrol car video

From The Republic:

LANSING, Mich. — A dispute over patrol car video could be costly to Michigan State Police.

The state Supreme Court has let stand a lower court ruling in an unusual lawsuit involving the Freedom of Information Act. An Ionia County woman sued state police after they failed to turn over traffic stop video in a timely manner.