White House’s DJ Patil wants to disrupt the criminal justice system with data

At TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016, (TechCrunch) had a chance to chat with DJ Patil, the nation’s deputy chief technology officer for data policy and chief data scientist. (they) talked about what he’s been up to at the White House lately, the criminal justice system and a recently-launched data justice initiative.

Since the launch of the White House’s Police Data Initiative in May 2015, 75 police jurisdictions have collectively released more than 150 data sets about policing, including information around the use of force and traffic stops.


Only 53 police agencies participating in national push for use of force statistics

As part of the Obama administration’s push for improved policing in the wake of highly-publicized police shootings, the White House last year launched the Police Data Initiative and asked local law enforcement agencies to voluntarily provide, and publicly post, their statistics on use-of-force incidents and other interactions with citizens.

The idea was that greater transparency would lead to greater citizen confidence in the police, with more public support and fewer critical incidents.


Orlando Police to make sexual assault, other crime data public

The Orlando Police Department plans to launch an open data portal in March that will detail the race, sex and age of sexual offenders as well as where and when sexual offenses have taken place in the city.

The website will feature location-specific maps, graphs, and detailed spreadsheets.

The police department is the only agency in Florida and just one of thirty agencies in the country planning to release such data as part of a White House Program called the Police Data Initiative.