Orlando Police to make sexual assault, other crime data public

The Orlando Police Department plans to launch an open data portal in March that will detail the race, sex and age of sexual offenders as well as where and when sexual offenses have taken place in the city.

The website will feature location-specific maps, graphs, and detailed spreadsheets.

The police department is the only agency in Florida and just one of thirty agencies in the country planning to release such data as part of a White House Program called the Police Data Initiative. 


Police body cameras reduce use of force, study finds

A first-of-its-kind, year-long study by the University of South Florida and the Orlando Police Department has found that body-worn cameras are an effective tool for reducing "response-to-resistance incidents" and serious external complaints.

The study, which ran from March 2014 to February, had 46 officers using cameras and compared that with 43 other officers who did not. Continue…