Retiring head of OGIS hails FOIA portal a success

The retiring chief of the agency that acts as an ombudsman for federal Freedom of Information Act requests pointed to FOIAonline as a major agency achievement Friday.

“To say it’s a success is not overstating things,” said Miriam Nisbet, founding director of the Office of Government Information Services, at a panel celebrating the creation of the agency five years ago.


OGIS Sets Up Shop at IRE

OGIS recently set up a pop-up shop, of sorts, on the West Coast offering one-on-one mini ombuds sessions with journalists and gathering ideas for improving the FOIA process.


Federal Office of Government Information Services is a good resource for information on FOIA services

The Office of Government Information Services (OGIS) is a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) resource for the public and the government. Congress has charged us with reviewing FOIA policies, procedures and compliance of Federal agencies and to recommend changes to FOIA based on what we see. Our mission also includes resolving FOIA disputes between Federal agencies and requesters.


FOIA ombudsman’s letter irks senators, advocates

From Politico:

A letter from the federal government's Freedom of Information Act ombudsman has irritated key senators and openess advocates by failing to recommend any changes Congress could make to improve the law guaranteeing public access to federal records.