Since Massachusetts public records overhaul, more towns turning to tech solutions to handle requests

A candidate for Framingham state representative was seeking a list of all city voters who applied for absentee ballots. A reporter wanted information about Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer’s expenses. Insurance companies are asking for police records of clients’ car accidents. The city of Framingham posts on its website a log of public records requests, along with the…


UNC one of two universities to use new public records request portal

The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Public Records Office has changed the way people make public records requests to the University.

They now use Next Request, a web-based portal, to field public records requests. Before this change, requests were made via email and displayed as open or closed on the public records website.

Gavin Young, senior director for the Public Records Office, said the University of New Mexico is the only other school using Next Request.