Miller calls records suit a “smear”

From CBS:  (LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller’s office says an open records request lawsuit filed by a Republican-affiliated group is a politically motivated attempt to derail an ethics reform measure in the legislature backed by Miller.

The records request originally made in March by the State Government Leadership Foundation, a GOP-affiliated group, seeks records of Miller’s travel, daily schedules, compensation and more.



Editorial: Supreme Court erodes access to open records

Editorial from The Sacramento Bee: Public records have cleansing power, as Nevada is discovering. The U.S. Supreme Court doesn't seem interested.


Eight states have included residents-only clauses in their public records act. Nevada is not among them. But recent experience shows the importance of being able to access another state's public documents.



Bill eases access to NV public records

From Las Vegas Sun:

Lawmakers are scheduled to discuss a bill aimed at increasing government transparency and the availability of public records.

AB31 will be presented to the Assembly Committee on Government Affairs Thursday morning. The measure calls for all units of the Executive Department of State Government, excluding the Nevada System of Higher Education, to designate at least one employee as its records manager.


Favoring disclosure: Court strengthens state public records law

Opinion from Las Vegas Review-Journal:

There is one, overriding reason why Nevada has such a clear, strong public records law: A democracy can't survive without transparency. The public won't have confidence in government institutions or elected officials if the records that document the public's business aren't open to inspection. Secrecy begets tyranny.