Shine a Light on the Defense Budget

From Project on Government Oversight:

POGO and our allies' new campaign to shine a light on the massive defense budget is steadily gaining steam. So far, thousands of people and scores of nonprofit organizations have voiced their support for opening up the Senate markup of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the bill that allocates hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars each year. 


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From Open NDAA

Imagine that someone is put in charge of your personal budget, and authorizes all of your spending money for food, clothes, rent and fun. Now, imagine that person decides your budget in secret, without taking any input from you. Sounds like a terrible idea, right?


NFOIC’s FOI Friday for December 2 2011

A few items selected from many of interest recently.

Cyber security bill promotes sharing of threat data

Legislation introduced in the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday is designed to knock down the barriers that interfere with the federal government and the private sector sharing critical information about cybersecurity threats.

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