Kansas City, MO: Backlog of Sunshine Law requests reduced, but legal fees stir controversy

Even the divided Clay County Commission agreed: County Counselor Kevin Graham needed help reducing the backlog of Sunshine Law requests.

But the commission – and several office holders – are split on whether the county should continue employing a Kansas City attorney who charges $373.50 an hour.

Graham had been handling the requests on his own, he said, until the load multiplied.


Kansas City Shares Data Collected by “Smart” Corridor

Since Kansas City unveiled a “smart” streetcar system last year, the city’s all-connected infrastructure has made it into something of a test lab for hopes — and fears — about the Internet of Things. Yesterday, the Missouri city shared its first compilation of data with a number of city and national leaders, hoping to help not just municipalities but also the federal government set “standards and best practices for big data use,” according to a press release.