As he tries to save lives of those in recovery, Virginia advocate is denied the state data he needs

By Lila GreenbergStudent research assistantBrechner Center for Freedom of Information at the University of Florida  Michael McDermott is locked in a legal battle with the state of Virginia in his quest to publish overdose response incidents and shed light on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of state programs battling drug addiction.  His efforts, he says, will…


Deborah Fisher: Should execution drugs be a state secret?

From Tennessee Coalition for Open Government: Does the public have a right to know about the drugs used to execute death row inmates?

This question has been raised in recent months in court in at least three states, two of which recently enacted new laws or protocols to keep secret from citizens the source of execution drugs.

In 2011, at least six states, including Tennessee, had their execution drugs seized or taken by the DEA after it became clear that the drugs had been imported illegally.


Another Wikileaks disclosure

The latest from Wikileaks suggests U.S. may be limiting consumer information in move purportedly aimed at patent protections. Is it sound policy, or misguided secrecy? Does it protect industry interests or consumers?