FOI Advocates Blast Connecticut Legislature’s Effort To ‘Pre-Approve’ Government TV Coverage

The Connecticut General Assembly is trying to exert more control over CT-N TV coverage of state government proceedings under a new request for proposals for a new five-year contract, raising protests freedom-of-information advocates.

The issue was Topic A at a midday meeting Wednesday of the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information—a group that has been "working for open, accountable government and a free press since 1955," according to its website.



FOI pledge concerned some candidates

In 1975, the Connecticut General Assembly unanimously approved the creation of the state’s Freedom of Information Act to fight secrecy in government. But for the recent election season, only 10 percent of candidates for state office signed a pledge to oppose weakening the law.

Of the 38 candidates who signed the pledge, 24 did not win election. Leaving 14 officials, including Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who said they will bring a commitment to the Freedom of Information Act and public debate when they are sworn into office in January.