Security camera footage as public record an issue in homicide case


BAY CITY, MI — A Bangor Township Freedom of Information Act case was impacted by testimony in the trial of Stephen P. Ashley Jr., charged with open and first-degree murder in the 2011 shooting death of Lonnie L. Houston Jr.
In March 2012, Bay City attorney Kim A. Higgs filed a suit on behalf of Bangor Township resident Marti Murphy in Bay County Circruit Court. Murphy is suing the township because he claims officials illegally denied a FOIA request for security camera footage.
The request was denied, and Murphy appealed the denial to the Bangor Township Board of Trustees on March 12. The Board also denied the appeal. Higgs filed the suit on behalf of Murphy March 28.
"It is really interesting case and the first Michigan case that deals with security camera footage as public record," Higgs said. "In other states that have dealt with this, the decisions have all come down on the side of disclosure."