Opinion:It could be very long time before Hillary Clinton’s State Department e-mails see the light of day

Hillary Clinton has said she wants the public to see 55,000 e-mails she turned over to the State Department that had been kept in her personal, unofficial e-mail account. But nobody should hold their breath waiting to see them. That’s because the State Department is legendary for taking forever to wade through and ultimately decide what documents can be released when.

That may be why – even after Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters that agency officials would “undertake this task as rapidly as possible” – a State Department spokesman tamped down expectations, cautioning the process would be time-consuming given the volume of the record. That may also be why a senior State Department official told Reuters yesterday that “the review is likely to take several months given the sheer volume of the document set.”

And, the source might have added, given the State Department’s record. Continue>>>