Open Gov’t Project: Branding project records released

Since it was launched last year, The Telegraph’s Open Government Project has often highlighted the difficulty of getting access to government records, but this week, we want to acknowledge public servants in Nashua who went the extra mile to bring transparency to their work.

The story begins with a request for records about the city’s ongoing branding project. On Jan. 24, The Telegraph filed a Right to Know request with the city seeking copies of all communications between Nashua employees and North Star Destination Strategies, the Tennessee firm hired to develop Nashua’s new brand.

The branding project has evolved in unexpected ways since it was approved by aldermen in 2012, and the newspaper was hoping to learn more about how the process unfolded.

Under its contract, North Star expressly agreed that all documents it created for the city “shall be treated as public records” and “shall be available for inspection and copying by any person,” unless designated as confidential under state law. Continue>>>