NSA chief urges Congress to pass ‘cyber-sharing’ legislation

America’s spy chief wants Congress to hurry up and pass a bill that would increase the flow of cyberthreat information between the private sector and the government.

“One of the greatest things I think Congress can do here is to create a legal framework that enhances this idea of the free flow of information both ways,” said National Security Agency director Adm. Michael Rogers on Monday at an event hosted by George Washington University.

Last month, a pair of cyber-sharing bills—H.R. 1560 and H.R. 1731—passed in the lower chamber with vast bipartisan support. However, the Senate's Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which appeared to be on track for an expeditious vote, may now be on hold. The delay, according to the Hill, may be caused in part by legislators debating whether to reauthorize the USA Patriot Act’s counter-terrorism measure, Section 215, which is set to expire on June 1. Continue>>>