NFOIC executive director discussed Colorado’s open government laws on ‘Contrary to the Public Interest’

From NFOIC: KMGH-TV, the ABC affiliate in the greater Denver area, took a critical look at Colorado's open government laws, and transparency law enforcement in that state, in a special report called “Contrary to the Public Interest.”

ABC-7’s prize-winning investigative reporter John Ferrugia interviewed National Freedom of Information Coalition executive director Ken Bunting for the special report, which first aired Sept 29.

"Colorado is a state where there is nothing between asking, screaming and suing," Bunting said in the interview. "It should be easy. It should be available at the touch of a fingertip. But unfortunately, every last one of the states and our federal government has exemptions, exceptions and loopholes that make access to information much too difficult."

"It matters because self-governance doesn't work without access to information," Bunting said.

KMGH-TV’s reporters compared access and enforcement issues in Colorado to the way government transparency works in other states in the special report, which can be viewed here:

In addition, please find the complete special report here.