“New” U.S. open government action plan unveiled

From NFOIC: COLUMBIA, Mo — The Obama Administration is releasing its 2013 open government National Action Plan today to coincide with the Open Government Partnership Annual Summit meeting in London.

In a preview report, the Administration claims it has delivered on 24 of 26 commitments it made in its initial National Action Plan in 2011.

"I have publicly commended the administration’s rhetorical embrace of openness and transparency, as well as some of its commendable initiatives. However, the report was a tad self-congratulatory for my tastes," NFOIC Executive Director Ken Bunting said. "More than what these action plans have or have not achieved, I am afraid this administration's legacy on openness will be marred by its overzealousness in dealing with leaks, its use of secret law in FISA court matters and the NSA’s overreaching surveillance practices."

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