Kasich, FitzGerald aren’t that transparent in running government

The candidates for Ohio governor travel the state shaking hands and having coffee with voters, which makes them seem pretty accessible and open.
But in reality, when it comes to transparency in how they conduct business, experts and observers say Republican Gov. John Kasich and Democratic nominee Ed FitzGerald are quite closed.
“When it comes to transparency, Kasich will let you know what you need to know, and the rest is none of your damn business,” said Tim Smith, a lawyer, former newspaper editor and director of the Media Law Center for Ethics and Access at Kent State University. “I had higher hopes for FitzGerald, but he has been rather disappointing in that regard.”
Smith is just one of several experts who spoke with The Dispatch who said transparency is not an issue either candidate can win with in the 2014 governor’s race because neither has much he can point to in his favor. Continue>>>