Former Washington state auditor joins Freedom Foundation

From Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal:  The Freedom Foundation has announced that former Washington State Auditor Brian Sonntag will become its Senior Fellow for Government Accountability.

Sonntag, who served 20 years as state auditor, is an advocate of open and accountable government. He was honored earlier this year by the National Freedom of Information Coalition, which inducted him into the State Open Government Hall of Fame.

During his time in office, the Freedom Foundation and Sonntag often worked together. Both were involved in the political fight to win performance audit authority for the Auditor’s office. The Freedom Foundation often cited fiscal and performance audit findings in research and testimony, urging legislators to put many audit findings into law.

“Brian Sonntag and the Freedom Foundation, it’s a great fit,” said foundation CEO Jonathan Bechtle. “We have worked with Brian his whole time in office. He is a respected leader who has risen above partisanship, standing up for citizens against government waste, fraud, and inefficiency.


The Freedom Foundation is a member of NFOIC. –eds.