FOIA and the most transparent administration in history

From The Rocky Mountain Collegian:

Last Wednesday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul took to the Senate floor for almost 13 hours in a classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington-type talking filibuster, holding up the confirmation of the new CIA head, John Brennan, over the Obama administration’s inability to answer a few simple questions about the targeted killings of American citizens with drones.

As a result of Paul’s epic filibuster, Eric Holder sent the Senator a letter confirming that no, the president does not have the authority to kill an American citizen on American soil without trial if they are not engaged in combat. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

What the Obama administration still hasn’t done, however, is release the full legal justification for its targeted killing program to even all of our congressmen — let alone the public — doing little to validate Obama’s claims that his administration is the most transparent ever.