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FBI complies with FOIA request with blacked-out pages

From Yahoo! News:

The FBI and the American Civil Liberties Union seem to have very different interpretations of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

As surfaced by the website Arstechnica, the FBI recently complied with a request from the civil rights organization—sort of.

The ACLU had filed the FOIA request back in July. (It had first heard of the memos when they were mentioned publicly by an FBI official during a panel discussion at the University of San Francisco earlier in the year.) The request asked for two memos that outline how the FBI interprets the Supreme Court decision blocking law enforcement from using GPS to track a suspect’s car without a warrant.

As the ACLU reported, the organization has just received a response—almost all of it blacked out.

From the ACLU, see Justice Department refuses to release GPS tracking memos.