Editorial: No time limits on call for open government

Sunshine Week, a push for transparency in government, is drawing to a close. And that's why we choose to highlight it at its end.

The demand for open government must not be reserved to a limited time frame. Indeed, it must be an all-day, every day effort — and not just on the part of media, though we are the ones who champion it.

Open government is a necessity for every citizen. In an age when government has been discovered to be spying on us for no good reason and using secretive methods in a weak attempt to justify it, a call for more eyes watching the doings of government is ever more a necessity, and at every level of government.

To that end, we offer a few thoughts from Susan Schwartz, the legislative committee chairwoman for the Pennsylvania Freedom of Information Coalition, as well as the Project Sunshine chairwoman for the Society of Professional Journalists. Continue>>>