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College of DuPage FOIA requests question spending

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn stopped a $20 million state construction grant to the College of DuPage last June when a troubling email surfaced from President Robert Breuder to the Board of Trustees. The email outlined a political strategy helpful to the incumbent governor in an effort to procure the millions of dollars. Furthermore, Breuder suggested “bank it until we figure out how to use it, and then building something.” It was the first in a long line of irregularities uncovered during our seven-month investigation of the $300 million-per-year community college.

Now, COD admits no meeting minutes exist that record board votes changing Breuder’s $469,000 per year contract. In Illinois, without public votes, such addendums are invalid. Without the contract changes, COD trustees may have paid Breuder without legal authority to do so — since 2012.

Last Friday, Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Lake County States Attorney Michael Nerheim received my Quo Warranto application seeking a review of Breuder’s employment contract and addendums. Continue>>>