Coders Interpret Burlington’s Open Data

The city of Burlington took a huge step toward more open government last week when officials released a wide variety of data on the city’s website.

Now, coders are interpreting that data and trying to create useful tools for the public.

This weekend about 30 people gathered at Fletcher Free Library in Burlington for Code Across BTV. It was one of 45 other CodeAcross events taking place around the world.

The idea was to take data that might not be all that interesting or accessible, and make it easier to understand and use.

Linda Setchell was one of the participants. Her group used the City of Burlington’s data to create a digital map of all the early childhood education centers in Burlington.

“You can go in and look at what centers exist in a particular ward of the city,” said Setchell. “And compare that to the population of zero to five-year-olds.” Continue>>>