Citizen Advocacy Center names new executive director: community lawyer Maryam Judar

From Citizen Advocacy Center:  The Citizen Advocacy Center (Center) is proud to announce that its current community lawyer, Maryam Judar (left), has been promoted to executive director. Maryam Judar has been a Center community lawyer for four years and has empowered dozens of individuals and community groups to use various laws and civic skills to advocate for greater accountability of government entities. Most recently, Ms. Judar investigated and reported on how the decentralized nature of local electoral boards causes systemic barriers to voter access to the ballot and suppresses voter choice.

Ms. Judar will take the Center’s helm as the current director/community lawyer Ms. Terry Pastika steps down to move to the west coast. “The Citizen Advocacy Center is the most dynamic community based legal organization in the state. I am tremendously proud of the Center’s growth, of the privilege to have worked with hundreds of dynamic individuals who are notable community advocates; and to welcome Maryam as the new Executive Director.”


The Center will welcome Maryam Judar and celebrate the service of Terry Pastika at our annual “Summer Intern and Democracy Night” to be held late in July. For details, please contact the Center at 630-833-4080 or visit

The Citizen Advocacy Center is a member of NFOIC. –eds