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Photos taken in October of the packaging of Nebraska's lethal injection drugs constitute attorney work product and should not be released to the public, an attorney for the state's prison system has a...More
A bill that would shroud future projects like Frankfort’s Capital Plaza redevelopment in an extra layer of secrecy has moved a step toward passage. Following an, at times, spirited debate on the virtu...More
CHARLESTON — A split West Virginia Senate approved a bill Thursday that would exempt wage information for state contractors under the state Freedom of Information Act. Senate Bill 474 would keep priva...More
RICHMOND – Bringing government further into the digital age, the General Assembly has given final approval to two bills aimed at modernizing how members of city councils, school boards and other publi...More
EFF and MuckRock have a launched a new public records campaign to reveal how much data law enforcement agencies have collected using automated license plate readers and are sharing with each other. Ov...More
Mayor Joe Ganim called a “step of additional accountability and transparency.” “I’m happy and — actually in so many ways thankful — to people who, even before we were here, before this administration...More

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