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Opinion: S.C. Supreme Court allows government to hide public information

22 July 2014 - The S.C. Supreme Court ruled last week that autopsy reports, even when they are prepared at taxpayer expense, are medical records and can be kept private. Continue>>>

NJ judge finds state wrongly denied man seeking requests for public records

22 July 2014 - A New Jersey judge ruled Monday that Gov. Chris Christie's administration must honor an activist's public records requests for requests filed by others. Continue>>>

A four-minute primer on open government

22 July 2014 - All elected policymakers and records officers must now get formal training on the state’s Public Records Act and Open Public Meetings Act within 90 days of taking office. They also have to take a refresher every four years. Here’s a quick primer from an open-government point of view: Continue>>>

The Fight for the Freedom of Information: Interview with Jeff Cohen

22 July 2014 - Interview with Jeff Cohen, director of the Park Center for Independent Media at Ithaca College, and the founder of the media watchdog FAIR, he is currently the co-founder of Continue>>>

Last-minute pension law change skirts transparency

22 July 2014 - In the final hours of the legislative session, state lawmakers crafted a pension law change that gives Louisiana's state police superintendent and one other trooper a sizable retirement boost, with no public debate of the implications or the cost. Continue>>>

Editorial: Improve execution process with greater transparency

2 July 2014 - Arizona's plan to execute Wood is in flux because a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Saturday the public has a right to know how the death penalty will be carried out. Continue>>>

Washington D.C. launches FOIA portal, transparency initiative

22 July 2014 - A new online portal will make it possible for individuals to submit FOIA requests and have them processed online. The new portal, powered by “FOIAXpress,” is the District’s first-ever citywide FOIA processing system. Continue>>>

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FOI Summit Wrap-up and All Things Summit

2013 FOI Summit from New Orleans, LA

While the 2013 FOI Summit in New Orleans is now complete, we have a few things left to share. Obviously, any endeavor of this nature takes a lot of work and a lot of cooperation, and we could not do it ourselves. Continue > >

Knight FOI Fund

About the Knight FOI Fund

The Knight FOI Fund offers financial support in open government lawsuits, fueling and assisting the pursuit of important FOI cases. The need arose from the realization that the economic crisis and the evolution of the news media has resulted in declining levels of FOI advocacy. Continue > >

Who We Are & What We Do


We are a nonpartisan alliance of state and regional affiliates promoting collaboration, education & advocacy for open government, transparency and freedom of information. We award grants, publish FOI and FOIA news, provide transparency education and support to state and local governments, supply state sample FOIA request letters and Federal FOIA request letters. Continue >>


2014 NFOIC Annual Conference/FOI Summit is moving to the Fall

SAVE THE DATE: Oct. 23-24

The National Freedom of Information Coalition's annual conference and FOI summit is moving to the fall this year. Hosted by the Florida First Amendment Foundation, this year's annual meeting for state and regional coalitions and friends of open government is scheduled for October 23-24 in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. Details and additional conference information coming soon. If you want to receive notifications or are interested in attending, please send us your email address and we will keep you informed. Information on previous annual FOI summits can be viewed here.

NFOIC/MLRC Open Government Survey

NFOIC’s third biennial joint survey with the New York-based Media Law Resource Center (MLRC) showed a continuation of trends that are troubling to open government advocates. Just as similar informal surveys in 2009 and 2011 had, the 2013 Open Government Survey found a substantial decline over the last two to five years in the amount of resources devoted by media organizations to FOIA and open government issues.

FOLLOWING THE MONEY 2014 - How the 50 States Rate in Providing Online Access to Government Spending Data

U.S. PIRG Education Fund’s fifth annual evaluation of state transparency websites finds that states are making progress toward comprehensive, one-stop, one-click transparency and accountability for state government spending. Over the past year, new states have opened the books on public spending and several states have adopted new practices to further expand citizens’ access to critical spending information. 

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