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Kansas House unanimously passes bill to close private email loophole

April 29 — A Kansas Senate bill would make public officials’ private emails open records if they pertain to official business. Continue...

College athletes' privacy rights questioned in Montana records case

April 29 — Should intercollegiate athletes have diminished expectations of privacy? Best-selling author Jon Krakauer and his attorney say yes. Continue...

FOIA 'still interested letters' have uncertain effect on requesters, report finds

April 29 — Sending a so-called "still interested letter" to someone who requested responses under the Freedom of Information Act has an uncertain effect, an analysis found. Continue...

Editorial: End to 'dark money' would be good start  

April 29 — "Dark money” has become the lifeblood of politics in Alabama. Continue...

Appeals court rules for U-M in open meetings lawsuit

April 29 — The Michigan Court of Appeals has upheld the University of Michigan's practice of holding some of its board meetings behind closed doors. Continue...

Ohio could make public records fights cheaper, quicker  

April 28 — Public records fights take too much time and cost too much money, Republican leaders say. Continue...

Only 53 police agencies participating in national push for use of force statistics    

April 28 — Better information should lead to better public trust, a White House task force says, but early participation is low. Continue...

Missouri Senate passes farm exemptions to open records laws  

April 28 — Missouri's open records laws would not cover some farming data under a measure that has passed the Missouri Senate. Continue...

Editorial: Fine would teach Maine education funding panel about open meetings law  

April 28 — A state task force should be held accountable for conducting the public's business in private. Continue...

New Mexico reveals names of marijuana producers; lawsuit dismissed

April 28 — The New Mexico Department of Health amended its regulations that kept secret the names of licensed medical marijuana producers. Continue...

Michigan Supreme Court won't define 'public official' in Open Meetings Act  

April 27 — The Michigan Supreme Court decided not to define a public official under Michigan's Open Meetings Act, with two justices dissenting, according to a court order. Continue...

Pennsylvania newspaper loses court fight to block state agencies from deleting emails  

April 27 — The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has lost its attempt to block state agencies from permanently deleting emails after five days. Continue...

Opinion: A devastating blow to Indiana public's right to know  

April 27 — A ruling by Indiana’s highest court allows lawmakers to keep the people’s business shrouded in secrecy. Continue...

Editorial: Stall tactic on records release in Wisconsin must end  

April 27 — Wisconsin's director of state courts needs to explain why he hasn’t responded to a request for documents made more than four months ago. Continue...

Dead men don’t tell tales; in South Carolina, neither do their blood tests

April 27 – South Carolina's attorney general says the state Supreme Court likely would consider a blood-alcohol test on a dead driver a "private medical record." Continue...

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FOI Summit Wrap-up and All Things Summit

2015 FOI Summit from Denver

NFOIC and co-sponsor Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition convened the 2015 FOI Summit on Friday, October 9th, and Saturday, October 10th in downtown Denver, Colorado. The FOI Summit features ideas, experiences and discussions about the latest issues and trends around freedom of information laws, policies and practices at the state and local levels across the nation. Continue>>>

Knight FOI Fund

About the Knight FOI Fund

The Knight FOI Fund offers financial support in open government lawsuits, fueling and assisting the pursuit of important FOI cases. The need arose from the realization that the economic crisis and the evolution of the news media has resulted in declining levels of FOI advocacy. Continue > >


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