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Opinion: Flint water crisis a lesson for Colorado government email retention

Feb. 12 — The Flint water crisis shows why Colorado governments should take steps toward developing smart, efficient archiving of its electronic data. Continue...

Wisconsin lawmakers push committee to review John Doe investigations

Feb. 12 — Republican lawmakers are pushing a bill that would allow them access to documents from closed John Doe investigations involving Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Continue... 

Houston Sheriff still shielding killer's record

Feb. 12 — Houston authorities declined this week to open up their case files on a Mexican national with a long criminal record whose 2015 shooting spree killed two and wounded three. Continue...

Maine rail cargo secrecy law bypassed public access, safety defenses

Feb. 12 — After a runaway oil train killed 47 people near the Maine border, the rail industry began its own campaign to keep much of that information secret. Continue...

Pennsylvania open government expert discusses transparency, confidentiality

Feb. 12 — Government often blurs line between privacy and secrecy, an open government expert explains. Continue...

Op-ed: Oregon agencies avoid public scrutiny by abusing attorney-client privilege

Feb. 11 — Oregon Sen. Doug Whitsett explains how state agencies are manipulating attorney-client priviledge to sidestep public disclosure laws. Continue...

Should Ohio private schools disclose more?

Feb. 11 — A Ohio bill would require private schools to publish information, such as enrollment and financial data, on their website. Continue...

Michigan Attorney General wants to broaden open records law

Feb. 11 — Michigan's top law enforcement official says the governor's office should no longer be exempt from public records requests. Continue...

Discipline reporting bill OK’d despite concerns about access to data on school-to-prison pipeline

Feb. 11 — A Colorado school discipline reporting bill cleared a House committee this week despite concerns it would limit the ability to obtain the necessary data to analyze the factors contributing to the school-to-prison pipeline. Continue...

Utah police camera bills differ on what to make public

Feb. 11 — Civil liberty advocates in Utah say one legislative proposal to regulate police body cameras would offer police too much leeway and would exempt videos of fatal shootings from open records law. Continue...

Mayor de Blasio fails to follow through on transparency promise

Feb. 10 — New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who vowed to bring transparency to City Hall, repeatedly met with lobbyists but failed to disclose the sit-downs as promised. Continue...

Indiana Senate to hear bill to let police withhold body camera video

Feb. 10 — An Indiana Senate panel will hear arguments on a bill to give law enforcement agencies the authority to withhold body camera video from the public. Continue...

Bill to close loophole in Kansas Open Records Act advances to Senate floor

Feb. 10 — Kansas lawmakers are moving forward with efforts to close a loophole in the state’s open records law that allows public officials to use private email to conduct official business. Continue...

Editorial: Hawaii voters want transparency, accountability 

Feb. 10 — Transparency, accountability and consistent communications are too often in short supply in Hawaii governance, a poll suggests. Continue...

Arizona bill would increase police transparency

Feb. 10 — Two Phoenix lawmakers outlined proposed legislation Monday that they said would increase police transparency, accountability and trust in the community. Continue...

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FOI Summit Wrap-up and All Things Summit

2015 FOI Summit from Denver

NFOIC and co-sponsor Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition convened the 2015 FOI Summit on Friday, October 9th, and Saturday, October 10th in downtown Denver, Colorado. The FOI Summit features ideas, experiences and discussions about the latest issues and trends around freedom of information laws, policies and practices at the state and local levels across the nation. Continue>>>

Knight FOI Fund

About the Knight FOI Fund

The Knight FOI Fund offers financial support in open government lawsuits, fueling and assisting the pursuit of important FOI cases. The need arose from the realization that the economic crisis and the evolution of the news media has resulted in declining levels of FOI advocacy. Continue > >


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