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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill Wednesday that strengthens the state's Freedom of Information Law and may make state and local governments think twice before denying access to public records....More
SANTA FE - Call up New Mexico's transparency website and you'll find the contact information for three state employees ready to help answer questions. But one of those employees, Robert McEntyre, left...More
Amanda Farber still doesn’t know why Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan blocked her from his Facebook group. A resident of Bethesda and full-time parent and volunteer, Farber identifies as a Democrat but voted...More
JEFFERSON CITY • Attorney General Josh Hawley says text messages are public records under Missouri’s open records law, raising fresh concern about fellow Republican Gov. Eric Greitens’ use of a secret...More
The Justice Department is refusing to reveal details of the process that led up to former FBI Director Robert Mueller being granted an ethics waiver to serve as special counsel investigating the Trump...More
Getting public records can be challenging in Virginia, where the state attorney general’s office once charged nearly $15,000 for the release of emails related to then-Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s...More
An organization that works quietly on your behalf celebrated its 25th anniversary with an event at the Statehouse. The Ohio Coalition for Open Government has pushed for open government and access to p...More
Why has it been so hard for New York to pass a law that would make it a bit more likely for people to get that information? Welcome to Albany, the land of outsized egos and petty turf wars, where good...More
Read the latest from the Newsletter of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition , a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping Coloradans understand and use their rights of access to the records an...More
Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales has asked the state attorney general for clarification on whether New Mexico’s public records law requires the city to release information concerning internal disciplina...More
There’s been an amazing push the past month by newspapers, good government groups, citizens organizations and lawmakers for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sign a bill that would require judges to force governme...More
The San Diego City Council voted unanimously Monday to fix a vaguely worded law requiring anyone doing business with the city to disclose their identities. The action follows an inewsource investigati...More
JEFFERSON CITY — Gov. Eric Greitens and his senior staff use an app that deletes text messages after they’ve been read, raising concerns among transparency advocates that it could be used to subvert M...More
A group of Nashville council members and labor organizers are pushing for more accountability and transparency as Metro government awards business subsidies. Their bill before the Metro Council would...More
HUSTONVILLE — After four city council members were seen gathered outside of city hall and heard discussing public business, a complaint was filed by The Interior Journal alleging the gathering violate...More