What’s New in Civic Tech: White House Removes Open Data Info, Internet Archive Offers to Host PACER Data

The White House has removed all of the information that was previously available through its open data portal, posting a message that encourages visitors to “check back soon for new data.” The old data, however, is still available through President Obama’s archive page, albeit in a format where some of the links are not functioning properly.

The Internet Archive has offered to host all of the data from the government’s Public Access to Court Electronic Records system, doing so in a statement submitted for the record on Tuesday, Feb. 14 to the Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives. Presently, the PACER system provides access to U.S. appellate, district and bankruptcy court documents for $.10 per page.

Kansas City has shared its Smart City data with 18 other cities, two countries and five federal agencies, hoping to spread lessons it has learned about using data to improve local government performance. These lessons have been learned over the past nine months, the time in which Kansas City’s Smart City initiative has been active.

Fargo, N.D.'s use of data is getting a big boost from Bloomberg Philanthropies, which has selected the city to be part of its What Works Cities initiative. Fargo officials say they hope this will allow the city to improve open data practices, making information about local government more accessible to the community.