Thomas Peele Watchdog Column: Waiting for transparency from Legislature? Don’t hold your breath

There is the goose, of course, but there's also the gander, an old clichÈ goes: What's good for one ought to be the same for the other. But let's not confuse them when discussing the duplicity of California's Legislature when it comes to transparency.

The Legislature, of course, passes laws that affect other branches of government as well as itself. As the state struggles with the archaic Public Records Act (PRA), with its dozens of exemptions, weak disclosure deadlines and lack of enforcement, lawmakers only nibble around its edges.

The PRA, of course, does not touch the Assembly and the Senate. Those bodies are governed by the Legislative Records Act (LRA), an equally weak transparency law. As long as they leave the PRA mostly untouched, lawmakers lack the impetus to toughen the LRA. Continue>>>