AG: Austin must be transparent on city manager candidates

Open government advocates are cheering an opinion by the Texas attorney general’s office that Austin cannot withhold records showing who applied for city manager. Austin officials had withheld the record by claiming the information would harm the city’s competition among applicants. However, in a nonbinding opinion released Wednesday, Assistant Attorney General Matthew Taylor said the…


Texas: open records bills push back on court rulings

Capriglione’s House Bill 792 would force government entities to be more specific when asserting the right to withhold documents the government believes would hamper a private company’s competitive stance.

The bill is a response to a 2015 state Supreme Court ruling that allowed aerospace giant Boeing to keep secret its lease agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense. The ruling carved out a space for private entities doing government business to protect information that those companies believe would give an advantage to a competitor or bidder.