Indiana State auditor touts transparency portal

DANVILLE — State Auditor Suzanne Crouch is traveling the state to discuss Indiana’s transparency portal.
Crouch has met with chamber members, local governments, university students and others to share what is currently happening on the transparency portal as well as to ask for input such as how to make it more searchable and easier for the public to get answers to questions.  Continue…


Utah State Auditor trying to bring more transparency to government on state and local levels

He was a Repubican State Representative for 10 years but then John Dougall was successful in running for the office of State Auditor. On KVNU's For the People program Thursday, Dougall said as a legislator he tried to be a "Constitutional watchdog" and that effort has continued in his new position.

He said one reason he ran was because he felt the auditor's office should be more transparent and he continues to have that for a goal.