Editorial: Public notices are crucial to maintain an open government

When governments create or authorize state and local agencies to create new programs, they typically require some measure of public disclosure as a form of public oversight and to make agencies accountable.

As far back as 1789, during the first American Congress, that accountability has come in the form of public notices in independently-published newspapers. Actions of the congress were ordered to be published in three separate newspapers to ensure wide circulation.


Editorial: Public notices belong in newspapers

Public notice requirements are inscribed in Nebraska statutes for many reasons, but good government is at the top of the list. Public notices ensure Nebraskans an opportunity to participate in their government and to track what's happening at city hall, at the county courthouse and in the assortment of entities that serve and regulate them.

So many areas of our lives are touched by government it is key that the people in charge are open and accountable. Public notices ó published in newspapers ó are an integral part of good government.