Aiken lawmaker pressuring S.C. senator to remove objection to FOIA reform bill

Four years ago, a Wagener woman requesting copies of financial records and other records from the Town of Swansea was billed nearly $10,000 for the documents.

Aiken County taxpayers seeking records about the school district’s $236 million bond referendum and other data in 2010 didn’t receive an answer until well past the November election.  Continue…



Regulators fret over FOIA reform bill

Financial regulators and the banking industry are raising concerns about bipartisan legislation that would expand the public's access to government documents, according to lawmakers.

Members of Congress have sought to clarify that their proposals to update the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) would not erode protections that prevent the public from obtaining sensitive banking information that regulators see as part of their supervision of the financial sector.