Washington state ranks nearly last in new tax-transparency index

[Dick] Conway has worked as an economist and forecaster for business and government for more than 30 years. In 2001, he served on a committee commissioned by the state Legislature to examine Washington’s tax system and how well it functions. He’s continued that research on his own ever since.

In a report released last month, Conway devised a system for ranking the 50 states on the “transparency” of their tax structure — in other words, how easily folks can tell how much they pay in total taxes.

Washington ranked 49th out of 50.


DC Delegate to propose end to secrecy of DC judges’ financial disclosure forms

In a surprise announcement, DC Delegate Eleanor Homes Norton said this week she plans to introduce legislation that would open for the first time in years the financial disclosure forms completed by D.C. judges.

Her legislative proposal will ask Congress to change requirements now in federal law that require the information on lengthy forms but also keep the details closely held.