With California Brown (Act) out, is government there still in the sunshine?

Featured blog from NFOIC Executive Director Kenneth F. Bunting:

COLUMBIA, Mo. — County and school boards, city councils, public commissions and special district governing bodies in the state of California may well continue to hold their meetings in the figurative “sunlight,” as well they should.


Californians Aware and Times sue Coliseum Commission for public records

From Courthouse News Service:

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Times claims in court that a deal to privatize Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was negotiated behind closed doors, and that the Coliseum Commission blew off the newspaper's requests for public records.


Open government lawsuit forces revote by county supervisors


The [San Diego] county Board of Supervisors has done an about face on a controversial land development vote, after a [Californians Aware] lawsuit claimed the Board violated California's open meeting law.

A spokesperson confirmed to News 8 that a re-vote will now be taken on rule changes aimed at streamlining land planning and development in San Diego County.