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Sunshine Week: Why We Think Openness is so Important at UCF


In 1787, a document was birthed in order to regulate a diversified nation; at the time, to only create a government that would not be able to rule tyrannically but instead, serve citizens rightfully. Today that document, known as the United States Constitution, contains important amendments and laws which aim at providing citizens with three things: Life, Liberty and a pursuit of happiness.

Each citizen of the United States of America is guaranteed certain freedoms–the right to bear arms, the right to a jury of peers and the right to a government that is fair and just, among many other things. However, standing up for these freedoms and all the others that every citizen of this nation has a right to has become increasingly difficult in today’s busy society, where it’s hard to gather enough support to fight to defend certain freedoms.



The University of Central Florida employs its own court, for every student and organization enrolled on campus, to hold accountable those who UCF believes frayed from the rules of the school. This court, known as the Office of Student Conduct, however, does not follow the law of the land like courts of the United States do–instead, this court devises its own rules and regulations and operates in secrecy for matters of dealing with conduct.