Sunlight FOIA request leads to more open data, updated OMB policy

A Freedom of Information Act request from the Sunlight Foundation has turned into federal policy on agency data holdings, the foundation reported.

Earlier this month, the Office of Management and Budget posted updated guidance to the Project Open Data GitHub that instructs agencies to "include all 'non-public' data assets in their [Public Data Listing], in addition to the 'public' and 'restricted' data assets that have long been required," according to an announcement from the foundation. The update also requires agencies to explain their reasons for any non-public designations and redactions in the metadata.

"Essentially, this reframes the PDL to be a public version of the full [enterprise data inventory]," OMB senior analyst Jamie Berryhill wrote in the GitHub posting. "Because the only difference between an agency's full EDI and the agency's PDL will be the existence of any needed redactions, agencies no longer need to submit an EDI to OMB unless their PDL contains any redactions." Continue>>>