Stand with Sen. Wyden for free speech

From Project on Government Oversight:

The U.S. Senate was on the verge of passing a bill that would have increased government secrecy, put whistleblowers in jeopardy, and made government less accountable. Thankfully, Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon stood up for our freedom of speech and put a hold on this bill.


Provisions in the Intelligence Authorization Act are aimed at stopping leaks of classified information but they go too far and would threaten the rights of legitimate whistleblowers and impair the news media’s ability to report on critical foreign policy and national security issues.

Because of Sen. Wyden’s action, senators are now discussing whether or not to include these dangerous provisions in the bill. It’s urgent that you let your senators know today that you stand with Sen. Wyden.

Click here to send an email to your senators supporting Sen. Wyden for free speech.