Snowden emails withheld due to US govt concerns about ‘invasion of personal privacy’

The United States' Department of State Freedom of Information Act has said that the public disclosure of emails by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, Edward Snowden, during his time with the agency, "could cause an unwarranted invasion of persdonal private", according to a report on The Desk website.

A letter dated 1 July by chief FOIA officer, Pamela Phillips, responding to a FOIA request by Matthew Keys of The Desk, said that: "Records pertaining to Mr. Snowden are withheld pursuant to the seventh exemption of the FOIA … which protects from disclosure records or information compiled for law enforcement purposes.

"This includes information that, if released, could interfere with enforcement proceedings, could cause an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, could reveal the identities of confidential sources, or would reveal law enforcement techniques and procedures," said Phillips in the letter. Continue>>>