‘Putin-like rule’? Ohio GOP lawmaker, Gov Kasich clash over health-care transparency law

Accusing Gov. John Kasich of “engaging in Putin-like rule” to overturn a state law on health-care price transparency, the law’s sponsor wants the attorney general to hire outside counsel to defend the state against an industry lawsuit.

In December, groups including the Ohio Hospital Association and the Ohio State Medical Association filed suit to block a law passed in June 2015 that was hailed by supporters as one of Ohio's broadest and most meaningful advances in health-care-cost transparency. But doctors, hospitals and other health-care providers say the law, which was added to the unrelated Bureau of Workers’ Compensation budget bill, will actually create bureaucratic nightmares for non-emergency services.

The law was to take effect Jan. 1, but Williams County Common Pleas Judge J.T. Stelzer issued a 30-day temporary restraining order. A hearing on a preliminary injunction is set for Jan. 20. Continue…