Photog Wins Access to FBI’s Cache of Records

The FBI may be unfairly withholding its records on a photojournalist who worked an International Monetary Fund protest, a federal judge ruled.

Laura Sennett, who sometimes goes by the alias "Isis," has been published by CNN and the History Channel, among other outlets, and covered the International Monetary Fund spring meeting protests on April 12, 2008. In an affidavit, Arlington County detectives characterized her presence as an "unidentified white female videotaping/photographing the [IMF] event."

Five months after the protests, 10 armed FBI agents raided Sennett's home in Arlington, Va., and seized 26 items. Sennett's son was in the house. U.S. District Judge James Boasberg noted Wednesday, however, that the warrant to search Sennett's home stemmed from the protest's development "into an excuse for petty vandalism." "The search produced 'more than 7,000 pictures, two computers, several cameras and other camera equipment,'" he added. Continue>>>