Philly law firm files FOIA against National Transportation Safety Board

A Philadelphia-based law firm says that the National Transportation Safety Board's current method of releasing plane crash data and information unfairly favors airplane and component manufacturers at the expense of victims and their families, according to a Freedom of Information Act suit filed at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Attorneys at the Wolk Law Firm, located on Locust St. in Philadelphia, submitted the FOIA on behalf of several plaintiffs looking for more details surrounding various fatal plane crashes that occurred in the last few years.

The complaint says that the NTSB relies on the expertise of the manufacturers to interpret certain data before releasing it to the plaintiffs, sometimes denying requests based on those recommendations. This method creates a conflict of interest, the complaint says, because many times the manufacturers are named defendants in the suits, and receive the opportunity to review and alter possible incriminating evidence. Continue>>>