Ohio Treasurer looks to gain suppor for state checkbook transparency

State Treasurer Josh Mandel has been on a personal mission over the last few weeks, visiting organizations across Ohio in an attempt to garner support for H.B. 175, which, if passed, would place "Ohio's checkbook" online, making it accessible to all.

The "Open Ohio" bill passed the Ohio House of Representative June 4 by an 86-8 vote after being introduced in May 2013. The bill is before the Ohio Senate, where Mandel is hoping for passage by December. Mandel stopped by the Kent offices of Record Publishing Aug. 15 to explain the bill in detail and share his vision of transparency.

"What we are trying to do here is open up the state checkbook," Mandel said. "I think the people of Ohio have a right to know how their money is being spent." Mandel wants the state's finances placed online in a searchable, downloadable form which can be accessed and compared, he said. Mandel's hope with the bill is to "create an army of citizen auditors throughout Ohio." Continue>>>