NFOIC Board approves budget, extends staff positions, looks for sustainable long-term model

The National Freedom of Information Board of Directors on July 16 voted to approve its FY2021-22 budget, including the extension of the outreach coordinator position to June 30, 2022.

The NFOIC will dip into reserves to extend the outreach coordinator position, which would have ended Nov. 30, 2021, with the end of a grant that funded the position.

Todd Fettig, the NFOIC outreach coordinator, will continue the duties of that role and take on the title of executive director, with added responsibilities of administrative oversight and fundraising. Erika Benton will continue as NFOIC’s external partnership coordinator and will assist in fundraising.

The NFOIC Board will seek a permanent administrative home, with an embedded executive director, for NFOIC by June 30, 2022, as it seeks a sustainable long-term model.

The approved budget included $3,500 to provide all NFOIC coalitions access and support to BillTrack50, with the intention of using it to identify national trends in FOI legislation.

“This next year will be critical for NFOIC,” Board President David Cuillier said. “I am hopeful that by June of next year we will be headed toward long-term sustainability.”