NASA’s CTO: Open source software keeps us honest

It’s not every day that NASA creates a position just for you. NASA did just that for Chris C. Kemp in 2010. The tech pioneer became the space agency’s first Chief Technology Officer for Information Technology, appointed to lead and nurture IT innovation at the U.S. space agency.

NASA created a CTO role for Chris C. Kemp to lead.
Kemp focused on cloud computing, open-source software and open government, and prior to becoming CTO for IT, partnered with Google and Microsoft to help create Google Moon, Google Mars, and Microsoft World Wide Telescope. He also led the development of OpenStack, an open-source cloud project, with the goal of enabling any organization to create and offer cloud computing services running on standard hardware.

Kemp went on to found Nebula, which makes cloud computing hardware appliances, and now serves as the company’s chief strategy officer. He is one of several tech thinkers who will speak at Interzone, a Canadian Cloud Council event in Banff, Alberta, next year. He’ll partake in a fireside chat titled, “From Old To New Order Technology At Breakneck Speed.” Continue>>>