Missouri: Animal rights group sues MU, alleging repeated Sunshine Law violations

An animal rights group on Monday sued the University of Missouri, alleging it violated the state’s Sunshine Law more than 200 times and charged an excessive fee of $82,222.33 for records the group requested about animals being tested for research at the School of Medicine.

Individual members and supporters with California-based Animal Rescue, Media & Education's Beagle Freedom Project filed 27 records requests with MU between September and December that also asked for fee waivers. When MU refused the waiver and charged between $400 and $700 for each request, the not-for-profit hired an attorney and filed 179 more requests — one for each dog and cat it believed had been used for testing at the medical school. MU responded with an estimated cost of more than $82,000, according to the petition filed in Boone County Circuit Court.  Continue…